An Overview of Sozo Tools

The Father Ladder and Four Doors. 

Sozo has grown so much in the past 20 years. Teresa Liebscher and I started it in 1998, and it has exploded into many countries across the globe. 

I’m so grateful God has used this ministry. The more people who heal their relationship with God, the more souls will be saved! 

Today I’ll cover 2 of our most popular tools: The Father Ladder and Four Doors. 

The Father Ladder

Originally taught in one of Bethel’s prayer servant training classes, the Father Ladder introduces clients to the needs each person has. It also shows how each member of the Godhead (the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit) meets these needs. The Father Ladder tool is best represented with this chart:

While earthly fathers provide our physical needs (protection, provision, and identity), siblings and friends fulfill the soul’s needs (communication and companionship). Mothers meet our spiritual needs of comfort and teaching.

When any of these needs aren’t met, we start to believe lies from the enemy. A child, for instance, who wasn’t protected at home will feel like they have to fend for themselves. This becomes a lie that they are unworthy. This lie can only be removed once the person forgives their father and renounces the lie that God will treat them the same way.  

Here’s an example of how to run through the Father Ladder: 

Sozo Minister: “How would you describe your relationship with Father God?”

Client: “It’s okay. I mean, I love Him. But I don’t feel a strong connection to Him.”

Sozo Minister: “Close your eyes. Can you see or sense Father God?”

Client: “I see Him faintly, but His back is turned to me.”

Sozo Minister: “Repeat after me: ‘I choose to forgive my earthly father for being distant. I renounce the lie that You, Father God, don’t want a deep relationship with me. And I receive the truth that You love and cherish me. I pray this Jesus’ Name. Amen.'”

[A few seconds pass.] 

Sozo Minister: “Can you see or feel Father God now?”

Client: “Yes, I see Him. He’s looking right at me!”

In this example, the client’s perception of God was colored by their relationship with their earthly father. Once the person forgave their dad, they could connect with Father God at a deeper level. 

The Four Doors

Another tool we use often is the Four Doors. This tool works best for when we want to identify areas of demonic oppression. The Four Doors tool was originally taught by a deliverance minister from Argentina named Pablo Botari (in the form of The Ten Steps). 

Teresa and I condensed this tool to focus on 4 key areas of sin: fear, hatred, sexual sin, and involvement in the occult. Since areas of sin serve as access points to the enemy, closing these doors is important for helping people find freedom. 

Just like the Father Ladder, the Four Doors tool is best visualized with a chart. Here it is below:  

This list is not extensive. Yoga is one of the more recent additions to the occult door because it has infiltrated so many realms of American society.  

Here’s an example of how to run through the 4 Doors: 

Sozo Minister: “Do you feel like there are any doors of sin open in your life?”

Client: “Yes, I’ve struggled with pornography for the past two years. I feel powerless to stop it.”

Sozo Minister: “Repeat after me: ‘Forgive me, Jesus, for opening a door to this sexual sin. I ask you to break pornography from my life. Please shut this door and seal it with Your mighty blood. I ask this in Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

And that’s it!

While there are many Sozo tools (Presenting Jesus, the Wall, Divine Editing), these are the ones we use the most. Overall, Sozo is a very gentle inner healing/deliverance ministry. Following the Holy Spirit’s lead is the primary goal of the Sozo Minister, so the length and structure of each session looks different. 

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Sozo ministry, or if you would like to schedule your own Sozo session, please visit us at the Bethel Transformation Center’s website:

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