Closing the Four Doors

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful to forgive.” – 1 John 1:9

The Four Doors is a tool used by Sozo ministers to help identify sin in a person’s life.

Originally developed by Pablo Bottari, the Four Doors tool teaches that all sin comes from 4 keys areas: fear, hatred, sexual sin, and the occult.

Door #1: Fear

Fear is the most common sin people deal with. The sins of worry, unbelief, need to control, anxiety, isolation, apathy, and drugs/alcohol reside behind this door.

Door #2: Hatred

The door of hatred contains the sins of bitterness, envy, gossip, slander, anger, and self-hatred (low self-worth). Other sins like racism also reside behind this door.

Door #3: Sexual Sin

The door to sexual sin contains adultery, pornography, fornication, lewdness, molestation, rape, and homosexuality. Fantasy also resides behind this door.

Door #4: Occult/Witchcraft

The final door, the occult, contains the sins of astrology, fortune-telling, tarot cards, seances, ouiji boards, manipulation, participation in covens, casting curses, and witchcraft. Movements like new age, yoga, and reiki are also behind this door.

Closing the Four Doors

Closing each of the four doors is fairly simple. Once you identify an open door in your life (fear, hatred, sexual sin, or the occult), walk through a simple prayer of deliverance and ask God to remove its influence. Here’s a sample prayer you could use:

“Jesus, I ask You to forgive me for opening this door to… (fear, hatred, sexual sin, or the occult). I repent for partnering with this sin of… (worry, stress, jealousy, or control). I renounce this sin’s hold over my life and ask You, Lord, to cleanse me with Your righteousness blood. Close this door, Jesus, and seal it shut. In Jesus’s Mighty Name, amen.”

As Christians, if we sin, we have an advocate before the Father. If you find that there is an open door of sin in your life, get alone with God, repent for opening this door, and ask the Lord for His forgiveness.

You may also need to implement some practical boundaries into your life, such as not watching certain movies or television shows, or maybe putting some filters on your electronics (like VidAngel). You may even need to change your circle of friends.

Find out what you can do practically in your life to strengthen your relationship with God and keep the access points of the enemy closed.

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