More on the fantasy spirit

… and how to overcome it.

A few weeks ago, I posted part 1 of my entry on fantasy. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Discerning the fantasy spirit

Sometimes you can’t quite discern if you’re hearing messages from a demonic spirit. Its voice has become so routine that it feels familiar. In such cases, these spirits’ voices are nearly indistinguishable from your own. You may need a trusted friend to point them out.

This happened in my own life when I had lunch with a friend, Renee Cooper. After recounting a vivid, constantly changing dream, Renee asked, “You can change your dreams all night long… like a movie?” “Yes!” I said, ecstatically. Renee gave me a concerned look and said, “Dawna, that’s not a God dream, that’s a spirit of fantasy.” 

A spirit of what?!

The sneaky side of fantasy

The spirit of fantasy hides in our imaginations. In my case, fantasy dwelt inside my night time dreams, and kept me from addressing real life issues like boredom and lack of value.

Before being a stay at home mom, I was an exceptional student, athlete, and employee. For most of my life, my worth came from my ability to perform well. But as a stay at home mom with no audience to impress, it became hard to rate my success.

Isolation from “admirers” opened a door to fantasy in my life. This spirit tempted me with alternative realities in my dreams where I was no longer worthless, but adored.

Don’t partner with fantasy!

The way I overcame this spirit was through active obedience. Every night before bed, I’d declare, “I am a child of obedience and I will not partner with you. I send you back in Jesus’s Name.” Sometimes I’d instantly feel fantasy leave. Other nights, I’d have to repeat this declaration until its luring voice faded.

Declaring and resisting may sound easy, but since I’d partnered with this spirit for some time, it had become a demonic stronghold. I had to learn to “stand when [I had] done all to stand.”

To be continued!

If you’re struggling with feelings of inadequacy, boredom, or loneliness, don’t use fantasy to cope. Instead, pull on your relationship with God, and use other means of recreation to recharge.

P.S: My husband has an excellent message on rest in his Prosperous Soul: Advanced Manual. He shares how rest can help you overcome the attacks of the evil one.

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