Are you feeling exhausted, distracted, or hopeless?

These may be signs of spiritual warfare negatively affecting your life.

Are you ready for a new strategy in spiritual warfare?

Many Christians today fail to pay attention to the spiritual realm. Their blinders keep them ignorant to attacks, leaving them feeling exhausted, distracted, or hopeless.

But we don’t need to let the spiritual realm affect us. We can rise above the enemy’s attacks and stand in the truth that we are protected.

In Scripture, Satan is referred to as a “roaring lion seeking who he may devour.” Note how he is called “a lion” and not “the lion”. The enemy can only mimic God’s power, so his authority is nonexistent.

But Satan is still out there trying to devour us. The more we educate ourselves on spiritual warfare, the better we will be at protecting our bodies, souls, and spirits.

Are you ready to war with wisdom?

Part of being successful in spiritual warfare is knowing which types of battles we are facing. The enemy can either attack our bodies (through sickness), our spirits (through demonic assaults), or our souls (through destructive thoughts). Depending on which assaults we are experiencing, there may be different strategies we can use to emerge victorious.

For instance, if the enemy attacks our bodies, our best response is to rest. God engineered our bodies to recuperate, so incorporating rest into our lives is a great way to let our bodies heal.

In contrast, when facing a spiritual attack (like demonic visitations or nightmares), partnering with God and His angels in the Third Heaven is key. Prayer, intercession, and worship are powerful weapons of warfare. If you find yourself harassed, invite God’s presence and shift the atmosphere.

Lastly, if we feel Satan is attacking our minds, the best response is to resist his voice. Joyce Meyers calls this “the Battlefield of the Mind.” As we reject Satan’s lies, we can embrace God’s truth.

These are just overviews of each area we can be attacked in. Honing our gifts of discernment will enable us to defend ourselves accordingly.

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