Are you in a hurry?

Slow down and embrace your role in Christ’s story.

If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I’m truly excited about being a part of Jesus’ narrative. This recent shift in perspective has been so powerful for me. It’s redirected my focus from what I need to how to serve God’s plans.

To start this journey, I’ve explored Jesus’ story in Matthew 1, delving into the generations leading up to His birth. I couldn’t help but notice a profound realization: God is not in a hurry!

You see, it took many generations from Adam to Jesus. God’s plan was to disempower sin, yet He waited thousands of years to bring the answer. What’s up with that? Why didn’t He bring Jesus sooner?

Reflecting on my own life, I notice that I desire faster results. I get frustrated when my hopes don’t manifest quickly. But God’s timing is so much better!

I’m now asking Him in waiting seasons, “What do you want to do in this situation that wasn’t a part of my original plan?” This helps me realize that I get to play a role in His plans for me each day.

In Matthew 2, we’re told of Jesus’ many hometowns: first Bethlehem, then Egypt, then Galilee. With His arrival at each location, a specific prophecy was fulfilled. 

Disruptions in our lives might seem like obstacles, but God can use them nonetheless. Just look at history! There were countless opportunities for Jesus’ destiny to be derailed. Yet, each time, God’s plan prevailed. Can we entrust Him with the responsibility of bringing His plans to pass?

Stay hopeful in the midst of waiting

I want to encourage anyone who feels impatient or disillusioned: you cannot thwart God’s plans. His promises will come to pass. Your job is to remain joyful and steadfast, continue in prayer, and believe His outcome is on the way. 

Jesus wasn’t hurried or anxious. He steadily moved toward the fulfillment of His promises, and His answer for your struggles is on its way. Partner with God’s peace and realize He is King of the impossible. He will get you to where you need to be.

I pray you will fully align with God’s story and embrace your role each day. Instead of wondering, How will His plans work out for me today? trust in His timing to position you in His narrative.