Restoring the physical body through inner healing.

One of my favorite subjects to talk about is Bodywork, the concept of praying for physical healing during a Sozo session.

Since Jesus healed throughout His ministry, we inner healing ministers can also look for ways to introduce the Holy Spirit’s power in our meetings.

Bodywork is essentially a forgiveness tool that works to remove pain or bitterness stored up in the body.

Scripture reveals that holding onto bitterness and unforgiveness leaves us in bondage (see Matthew 18:23-35). When we use bodywork, we undergo a healing process that brings freedom and restoration to the body, soul, and spirit.

When to use Bodywork

Bodywork tends to fit best toward the end of a Sozo session. Because some people feel discouraged after struggling with chronic pain or disease, I usually address these issues near the end after God has already imparted some other breakthrough.

The Steps for Bodywork

The first step to applying bodywork into your session is to 1) identify the need. A typical question I have my clients ask is, “Holy Spirit, is my body mad at me?”

Sometimes the client hears “no” or is uncomfortable asking this question. If so, they can say, “Holy Spirit, am I mad at my body?”

The next step in applying bodywork is to 2) clarify the need. This allows the Sozoee to gain more information about the pain or sickness in a person’s body. Typically, I have my clients ask questions like, “Holy Spirit, why is my body mad at me?” or “Holy Spirit, why am I mad at my body?”

Once God reveals to the Sozoee why their body is mad at them, or why they are mad at their body, they can move on to the final phase: 3) forgiveness.

To complete this step, simply have the client pray, “Holy Spirit, I ask my body to forgive me for not giving it adequate rest . I ask my body to release me from any anger it has towards me in Jesus’s Name.” (If the Holy Spirit leads you in another way to pray, of course follow His lead. This is just a sample prayer.)

If Holy Spirit revealed to the client that they were mad at their own body, you can have them say, “I forgive my body for failing me. I release any bitterness I have towards my self. Holy Spirit, please release me from this feeling of self-hate.” 

Once the client is finished releasing forgiveness, have them test out their bodies or try something they couldn’t do before.

Sometimes healing is instantaneous. Other times it takes days or even weeks. Sometimes a person will hear an encouraging response or feel a shift in their mood and say, “My body forgives me and wants me to promise to start taking care of it.” 

And that’s it. We have found bodywork can sometimes be used with Divine Editing when the body’s normal is to be always sick or in pain. Bodywork can also be used in generational prayers if the client’s family has been plagued by the same ailments over and over again.

If you’re interested in learning more about bodywork or any other Sozo tools, check out our Advanced Sozo Training (Part 1) with Dawna De Silva and Yvonne Martinez.