Dealing with the Catastrophic Spirit

Learning how to discern and displace the catastrophic spirit.


The catastrophic spirit is a demonic spirit that makes us feel panicked and out of control. There are 2 primary ways this spirit attacks us.

The 1st is a very clear “over the top” feeling that makes us think everything around us is crashing down. The 2nd is a demonic “sneak attack” that uses the guise of old lies/mindsets to convince us that we are still in bondage, even after God has already set us free.

People who experience sneak attacks from the catastrophic spirit panic when they encounter old lies and unhealthy mindsets. Experiencing these resurfacing attacks, they think, Oh no! All these old sinful thoughts are coming back. I thought I was free. What do I do now?

Although the resurfacing of old lies can simply be the result of us revisiting the past, it can also be a sign of the catastrophic spirit trying to instill panic into our lives.


The easiest way to deal with the catastrophic spirit is to first discern its presence. One way to identify the spirit is to ask yourself, Is this attack making me feel panicked or out of control? Do I feel powerless and overwhelmed?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then the catastrophic spirit might be trying to invade your life. If you feel you are being attacked by the catastrophic spirit, take a moment to pray. Invite the God of peace into your situation, break any agreement with panic, and renounce any lies you have been believing. Here is a sample prayer you can use:

“I see you, catastrophic spirit. I’m not going to partner with you. I break agreement to you in Jesus’s Name. I release God’s peace into my heart, home, and mind. I command my thoughts to be still in Jesus’s Name. Amen.”