Displacing Generational Spirits

Using the blood of Jesus to break free from demonic influences.

Generational spirits are one of many issues we work through in the inner healing/deliverance world.

But what are generational spirits?

Generational spirits are evil spirits or influences that have been handed down through several generations.

A grandparent, for instance, may have partnered with a spirit of fear. This spirit may have been passed down to their children or grandchildren through repetition, partnership with sin, or just unconscious acceptance of it.

Generational issues do not necessarily always mean demonic spirits. They can simply be ungodly mindsets, influences, or beliefs that have been handed down through the family line.

No matter which type of generational influences you are facing, the goal is to identify their presence, renounce partnership with them, and replace them with God’s truth.

Breaking Free from Generational Spirits

Although the name itself signifies these influences have been around for some time, generational spirits are not any more difficult to get rid of than any other inner healing issues.

These spirits are powerless against the blood of Jesus. Just like any other attack from the enemy, they can easily be removed through application of God’s Word, prayer, and repentance.

Identification and Renunciation

Breaking free from generational spirits follows a simple process.

The goal with these steps is to identify the sin or demonic activity and then walk this person through repentance and forgiveness so they can apply God’s truth to their life.

To work through this simple process, follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Identify — First, discern the lie or evil spirit. Remember that a generational issue can be an ungodly mindset you learned from your parents or grandparents or an actual demonic spirit you have partnered with. Say, “Holy Spirit, are there any generational influences affecting me or demonic spirits my family has partnered with?” Write down what He says, and remember… this process should not be scary. All you are doing right now is getting information.

  2. Forgive others — Ask the Holy Spirit who you need to forgive. Ask Him who opened a door to this demonic influence, then verbally forgive any family members or friends He brings to mind. Perhaps your mother or father partnered with a lie that opened a door to alcoholism or substance abuse? Maybe a grandparent partnered with shame, and this feeling has been in your family line ever since. If you’re not sure who to forgive, ask the Lord for His insight. Realize that you don’t need to forgive every single family member who ever existed. Simply work through those God has shown you. Once you’re ready to forgive, say, “Holy Spirit, I choose to forgive [my father, grandmother, aunt] for opening a door to this generational sin or influence.”

  3. Forgive yourself — Next, ask the Lord to forgive you. Chances are you have made some agreements with this generational spirit, even if that means you unknowingly partnered with it. Once you’re ready to begin, say, “Holy Spirit, I ask You to forgive me for partnering with [fear, guilt, or shame]. I release any and all bitterness against myself to You in Jesus’s Name.”

  4. Renounce — In this step, you command the spirit to leave. This is where you sever ties with the enemy once and for all and declare, “I see you, [fear, shame, guilt], and I’m not going to partner with you. I send you back in Jesus’ Name.”

  5. Replace — This is the last and most important step. Scripture shows we shouldn’t leave a space empty that was once inhabited by the enemy (see Matthew 12:43-45). Get alone with God when you’re ready and ask Him, “Lord, what truth do you want to put in place of this demonic influence or lie?”

When you hear the Lord’s truth, thank Him for His wisdom and think about how you can apply this revelation to your life.

Science tells us that it takes about 60 days to create new pathways in our brains for “default” truths. So whatever the Lord reveals, be faithful and apply this wisdom to your life. Don’t just leave His truths to rust away in your prayer journal. Activate them. Remind yourself daily of His truth and speak it out over your life.

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