Is racism an evil spirit?

Or is it simply a mindset that needs to be renewed?

During the live taping of my Advanced Sozo Training (Part 1) last year, I was asked an interesting question, “Is racism an evil spirit?”

Meaning, is there an actual demonic spirit whose sole purpose is to stir up racism?

In my opinion, racism is part of a broader issue: hatred. I do believe there is a demon of hate, and racism is one of the many ways this spirit promotes chaos, division, and suffering in the world.

How do we combat the spirit of hatred?

We combat the spirit of hatred by shifting the atmosphere in our home, city, and nation to God’s peace and love. Through intercession and prayer, we can reject the enemy’s voice and replace it with the Lord’s opposing truth.

Just like Jesus said, “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done,” we get to intercede for God’s goodness to invade the earth and displace Satan’s lies.

This week practice releasing God’s atmosphere into your city. Reject the enemy’s voice of hatred and ask for God’s truth to shift the atmosphere from division to hope, chaos to love. Here is a sample prayer you could use:

“Holy Spirit, I ask you to shift the atmosphere of hatred over my city. I say no to the devil’s lies of division, chaos, and confusion. I ask You, Lord, to release hope, love, and unity in their place. Thank You, Lord, for being a protector over my city. I ask all of this in Jesus’s Name. Amen.”