Breaking Free from an Identity of Disappointment

Invite the Holy Spirit to displace this mindset.

I had the opportunity to attend Bethel’s Healing Conference, headlined by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark. There were so many healings. One woman who had facial injuries confessed to being pain free after receiving prayer! Another man’s shoulder was miraculously healed. Even my daughter-in-law, Colleen, experienced healing in her knee after twisting it during Christmas Break.

I didn’t make the last day, but the most impactful session for me was Bill Johnson’s sermon during the second night. He spoke about navigating disappointment. He opened this teaching with the story of his wife, Beni, who had passed away from cancer two years before. It was a heavy message, and you could tell Bill was emotional in getting through it.

In this teaching, Bill described how people sometimes partner with an identity of disappointment. He said, “I meet with BSMM Alumni all over the world. I love hearing their testimonies, and seeing how they’re still walking with God. But I also hear the stories of those who turned away. Those who couldn’t handle a difficult season and are now living their own lives.” 

Bill diagnosed this problem as being unable to handle disappointment, and I could tell it broke his heart. I resonated with this idea myself, having gone through my own seasons of discouragement. Scripture tells us to “Rejoice always, pray continually,” and “give thanks in all circumstances.” This sounds doable when everything is going well. But what about those times when it feels like our prayers don’t get answered? What do we do then?

Bill suggested that people who can walk with God through tragedy are less likely to abandon their faith. The Bible says we “walk through the valley of the shadow of death.” When we enter this valley, do we pull on our relationship with God and make it through? Or do we settle in our despair and give up? 

I’ve mentioned how hard it was for me to have to schedule my knee surgery. I had so much faith that God would heal me. After all, I’d prayed for countless people who received healing in their knees! Yet, for some reason, I didn’t receive my miracle.

It was hard for me to not feel abandoned, but what Bill said was so profound. He ended his session by saying, “Some people in here have actually partnered with an identity of disappointment. You’ve worn it like a cloak, almost proud of it.”

I felt a stirring in my spirit and began praying as he brought up this revelation. I realized this was so true. In Sozo, I meet with people all over the world. Some of these individuals have experienced horrific abuse, and it’s difficult to not adopt a mantle of disappointment or victimhood. But, discouragement, disappointment, and a victim mindset are not conducive to our identity in Christ.

Bill closed the night by leading everyone in what was essentially a congregational Sozo. He had us break agreement with this identity and declare the Lord’s truth over our hearts. It was a powerful exchange. 

Take a moment and ask the Holy Spirit if you have partnered with offense in any way. If discouragement, disappointment, anger, or unbelief has hardened your heart toward the Lord, repent and break agreement with these mindsets. Then invite the Holy Spirit to fill you with His joy.