The Father Ladder and Four Doors

A glimpse at these powerful inner healing tools. 

Photo of an old ladder.

Teresa Liebscher and I started Bethel Sozo back in 1998, and it’s spread to 80% of the countries around the globe. It’s truly amazing to see how much God has expanded this ministry.

No 2 sessions are the same. While we have a framework (the Father Ladder and Four Doors), it’s really up to the Holy Spirit where a session leads.

The Father Ladder

The Father Ladder is Teresa’s favorite tool because it helps people connect more deeply with the Father. If someone struggles to hear God’s voice, this tool can unblock their spiritual ears.

Teresa and I first discovered the Father Ladder while training as prayer servants at Bethel Church. We discovered that most peoples’ issues were tied to unforgiveness. Once a person released bitterness, their ability to hear God greatly improved.

How to use the Father Ladder

The Father Ladder starts by asking someone how they picture Father God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit. If this is their first Sozo, they say something like, “I can’t see God” or “I see Him, but He’s distant or fuzzy.” Such responses indicate a person has issues with their earthly father. But why?

Earthly fathers fulfill our needs of provision, protection, and identity—the same needs that our Heavenly Father provides. When these needs aren’t met by paternal figures, it creates a breeding ground for lies that twist our perception of God.

For example, someone who had an abusive father growing up may struggle to connect with Father God. Hearing the word “Father” can trigger the lie: God will hurt me, just like my dad. In such cases, the person needs to forgive their earthly father and remove the lie that God is also unsafe.

The Father Ladder in Use

I remember praying for a biker-looking gentleman at a conference. When I asked him to picture Father God, he flinched as if expecting a beating. I gently whispered, “Father God will never hit you.” This man fell to the ground, weeping uncontrollably. He’d been so abused as a boy that the thought of a safe and loving God was overwhelming.

Father Ladder Summary

If a person’s connection with God hasn’t improved after using the Father Ladder, there’s probably a deeper wound or trauma that needs to be resolved. Advanced tools like Bodywork and Resolving Trauma can help. 

The best part about the Father Ladder is that it’s easy. You can walk a person through forgiveness in 5 minutes. The impact is life-changing. 

For an in-depth walkthrough on how to lead someone through the Father Ladder, check out our Basic Sozo Training Ecourse.

The Four Doors

A variation of the Four Doors was originally developed by Pablo Bottari, a deliverance minister from Argentina. Teresa and I found this tool to be extremely effective when identifying signs of demonic oppression.

For use in Bethel Sozo, we adapted our own version to highlight 4 areas of sin: Fear, Hatred, Sexual Sin, and the Occult.

How to Use the Four Doors

To find an open door in someone’s life, like fear, simply ask, “Do you feel like the door of fear is open?” If the person says “yes,” ask them what type of fear. There are many kinds, but the ones we list are: Worry, Unbelief, Need to Control, Anxiety, Isolation, Apathy, Drugs, and Alcohol.

Once Holy Spirit reveals the fear to you, have the person repent for partnering with it, renounce its influence, and close the door.

Yoga as an Addition to the Occult Door

One of the newer and more controversial additions to the Occult door is Yoga. Teresa and I added this recently because of its influence in Western society—especially in the church.

For more information on the dangers of yoga, my friend, Alan Strudwick, has a book titled Authentic Awakening, which delves into the demonic origins of this practice.

The Four Doors Summary

Like the Father Ladder, the Four Doors is quick and effective. Ministers can usually walk through all 4 doors with someone in 20 minutes. However, if a person has strong ties to the demonic, especially the Occult or Sexual Sin doors, they may need to spend more time closing these access points to evil.

In Conclusion

There are many Sozo tools (Presenting Jesus, The Wall, Divine Editing), but the Father Ladder and Four Doors are the ones that frame a typical Bethel Sozo session. Overall, Bethel Sozo is a powerful but gentle inner healing and deliverance ministry. It follows the Holy Spirit’s lead and brings generational breakthrough to those who are bound by fear, or who struggle to connect with the Lord and want to hear His voice. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Bethel Sozo tools, I recommend our Basic Sozo Training Ecourse. You can also get our book, Sozo: Saved, Healed, and Delivered, to familiarize yourself with our inner healing process. 

God bless you as you seek deeper connection with Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit!