What is God doing in this season?

We are going to new levels, but we may need to leave some things behind.

One question I get often asked is, “What are you discerning God is doing in this season?”

The best prophetic word I heard recently on this subject was from Kris Vallotton. He declared the church was being put in a rocket ship and sent into outer space.

What’s interesting about rocket ships is they have to shed their fuel tanks at a certain point; otherwise they won’t reach their final destination.

In this same way, I believe God is taking us to new heights, but to hold onto our new levels of authority, we’ll need to leave behind what may hold us back in this new season.

These might be old beliefs or mindsets, ungodly ideas or tactics, or maybe even some recent decisions we’ve made that won’t get us to where God is taking us.

If you’re not sure what to say yes or no to in this season, get alone with God and ask Him, “Lord, what are you wanting me to let go of this year?”

Write down what the Lord shows you and adapt any changes He recommends over the coming months. Practice saying ‘yes’ to what God is doing and ‘no’ to the unnecessary weights He wants you to leave behind.

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