Who are you in Christ’s story?

Discover your role.

It’s easy to view yourself as the main character in your own story. Especially as Americans, our mind focuses on me, me, me most of the time. We ask: How do I advance my career, get my kids through school, get noticed as a minister, or even pay my bills? 

It’s a self-centered drive that’s reinforced in our daily prayers: God open doors for meGod heal meprovide more finances, and even, God help me to represent you well.

In these past few years, I too have slipped into this mentality. My prayers have focused on my ministry, my family, my finances, and my knee pain, which ultimately resulted in a total knee replacement.

This inward perspective has aimed my prayers at what I perceive I need rather than what God knows I need. But last year, during a women’s meeting led by Libby Gordon, I believe I was realigned to Heaven’s perspective. Her excitement of being in Christ’s narrative ignited my spirit to ask, “Whose story am I in?”

To be honest, I realized that my focus was on God being in my story. Yes, He was my hero, but He was a part of my story, not the other way around. Oops.

Somewhere along the way, my ministry, work, and life shifted my perspective from me being in His narrative (even though he was my hero) to Him being in mine.

I hope I’m explaining this well, because Libby’s teaching felt like a life-changing moment. I found myself thinking, When (not if) I truly get this concept, everything will change. I literally saw cogs in my mind fitting into a wheel and realigning as designed!

Having a son and daughter-in-law who are professional actors, I understand the concept of playing “roles” quite well. On some days, we have minor parts as bit actors. In others, we’re background performers, who are passing in the crowd. Occasionally, we get highlighted as one of the main characters. These moments are fun, but it’s important to realize—will we understand our roles for each day? Will we “play” our roles with delight?

I believe I’ve hosted the Holy Spirit well over these past 40 years. I haven’t lost the daily longing for His presence, and I love it when He works through me to bring healing and deliverance to others. I’d even go so far to say I understand Moses’ request, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here.” But again, somehow my perception of God was that He was in my story.

Closing thoughts

This week, ask the Lord, “What role do You want me to play in Your story?” Maybe He wants you to reach out to an old friend and provide comfort. Maybe He wants you to be His hands in a miracle.

Whatever your role may be, embrace it with joy and anticipation, knowing that it positions you for the supernatural—because as Libby pointed out, when you’re in Jesus’ story, anything is possible!