You were Made for Adventure

Guest blog by Stephen K. De Silva

Life is not a clean, smooth road that’s easy on our brakes or suspension.

No, life is messy, filled with jerks and spikes, deep problems and amazing breakthroughs.

As we build our plans, the human tendency is to prepare for what we expect and exclude those events we don’t anticipate. This creates the perception of a linear existence—a straight line from point A to point B. Routine. Normalcy.

Routine is an easy rut to fall into because we like life a certain way, and we get used to events arriving in an organized manner.

The problem is we will have a difficult time finding purpose in our life if we make all our plans based solely on what we know.

We were designed to live an adventurous life. When all we have is routine, our hearts get sucked dry. We become desperate and susceptible to influences that aren’t healthy.

But adventure fills us with light.

When we have room for both—the known and the unknown—our heart thrives.

Here are some questions to consider this week if your life is feeling stagnant. Talk with God about each these questions and write down any answers He reveals to you:

1.   What am I doing to increase my peace and hope in this season?

2.   What am I doing to make life fun?

3. How can I incorporate an adventure this week?

4.   Am I resting all three parts of my being: body, soul, and spirit?

5.   What is one simple thing I can do to change my finances for the better this week?

We are tasked with bringing God’s kingdom to earth—to rearrange the world because we’re light. Light, by nature, is a powerful force that is more than capable of defeating darkness.

When I teach about becoming a Prosperous Soul, that’s what I’m trying to do—to teach people how to walk in the power of the light, which is their inheritance in Christ.  

I pray your soul truly prospers this week as you perceive ideas for adventure and decide to take them.

If you’re interested in hearing more of Stephen’s teachings, check out his Prosperous Soul Master Course.