Bethel Sozo Training

The official training for the Bethel Sozo Ministry.

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When Teresa and I first started the Bethel Sozo Ministry, we never imagined it’d blossom from our small community to reach 80% of the countries around the world. It’s been an incredible journey filled with joy and celebration. From the beautiful beaches of South Africa to the lush jungles of Brazil, my team and I have had the privilege of ministering to many wonderful people.

Initially, Bethel Sozo Training was exclusively in-person. Either Teresa, myself, or an approved leader would visit a church and hold seminar trainings. 

While we still cherish these in-person meetings, our online presence has allowed the material to grow even further.

What makes Bethel Sozo so unique is its dependency on the Holy Spirit. There is a framework (the Father Ladder and Four Doors), but the real magic happens when ministers allow the Lord to lead each session.

For anyone interested in the Bethel Sozo Training, we offer 4 e-courses: Basic, Advanced, Shabar, and Children’s Sozo. Each class is hosted online with video lessons (typically around 15-30 minutes each) and includes the Bethel Sozo Training Manual PDFs for Basic and Advanced.

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Basic Sozo E-Course

This is our foundational training. For just $150, you can access 10 Bethel Sozo Training videos, covering powerful inner healing tools like the Father Ladder, Four Doors, the Wall, and Presenting Jesus.

The Father Ladder is Teresa’s favorite tool. It enables clients to more easily connect with the Lord, and is especially useful for those who have trouble hearing God’s voice. 

Advanced Sozo (Part 1) E-Course

The Advanced Bethel Sozo Training builds on the tools learned in Basic Sozo and adds a few more: Bodywork, Prophetic Deliverance, and Familiar Spirits.

I personally love the Advanced Sozo (Part 1) Training because it pushes you to really follow the Holy Spirit’s promptings. It also includes new tools on resolving trauma, taught by Yvonne Martinez, a credentialed instructor and educational director.

Shabar E-Course

Shabar is Teresa’s inner healing and deliverance ministry (officially Part 2 of the Advanced Sozo training). Shabar is designed for those who have trouble fully integrating with themselves, often due to severe physical and emotional abuse experienced in childhood. This ministry helps those who have “parts” or fractures in their personality, and equips them to become whole again. 

Children’s Sozo E-Course

Children’s Sozo is designed to help children ages 5 and up. Developed by Sue Elliot, a children’s minister and longtime friend of Bethel Sozo, this training equips kids to more easily hear the Lord. It’s also a gentle introduction to the Basic Sozo tools and empowers children to process difficult emotions and find healing.

Joining the Bethel Sozo Network

Those who complete the Basic Sozo Training may wish to join the Bethel Sozo Network. It’s not required to do so, but if you wish to partner with the International Bethel Sozo Organization, we ask that you apply through a Regional Facilitator.

However, some people simply wish to learn our tools and not be connected at all, which is fine. We just ask that these individuals do not refer to themselves as “Bethel” or “Sozo.” This helps us maintain the integrity of our ministry.

If you wish to get plugged into the Bethel Sozo Network, you can start by contacting your Regional Facilitator. Find a list of all active members here.

In conclusion, God is doing many wonderful things in the world of inner healing and deliverance. There are many great ministries out there, but if you feel called to the Bethel Sozo Training, I encourage you to start with our Basic Sozo Ecourse.

P.S: If you wish to add team members to your Basic Sozo Training, you can do so here for just $10 per person.