Should Christians Stop Watching Horror Movies?

Horror opens a door to fear, and fear opens a door to the demonic realm.

I used to love watching scary movies.

When I was growing up, we had Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and the Exorcist, all classic horror movies.

I still love a good suspense novel, but I realize now that watching horror films over the years was opening a door to fear in my life.

Thankfully, I have since been healed from fear and its demonic influence, but many Christians today are still continuing to watch scary movies, and it makes me think, “Should Christians even be watching them?”

Fear is an Open Door to the Demonic Realm

If you’re familiar with the Four Doors tool, then you’ll understand that fear is one of the 4 main categories of sin.

Fear (worry, unbelief, need to control, anxiety, isolation, apathy, and drugs/alcohol abuse) can give a place of access to the enemy.

Scripture warns us to not give the enemy any place or foothold (see Ephesians 4:26-27). If you’re watching films or TV shows that promote fear, you may be allowing the enemy an open door of influence in your life.

This is one reason why I think so many Christians today suffer from nightmares and anxiety. They’re not putting up enough adequate boundaries around what they should be reading, watching, or listening to.

Take a Break from Scary Movies

Rest is very important, and I understand the need to turn off our brains so we can enjoy a well-told story.

However, I want to encourage you this week to take a break from watching scary movies. Fast R-rated content (extreme violence, gore, and language) and see what the Lord reveals to you in your prayer life.

You might even find it is easier to connect with Him once you make this change.